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Extra Weight from Creatine/ AF W/O


I started taking creatine to get the best out of my gym experience about a month ago. Since then I've gained 8 lbs. BUT I have actually lost fat. And I've packed on a bit of muscle.

So, can creatine really put on that much water/muscle weight? And I KNOW that it wasnt all muscle.

The only reason this poses a problem is because I'm enlisting in the Air Force. Pre-creatine I weighed 194 lbs.....Post-creatine I weigh 202 lbs and my weight for the AF is 198. It's really not that big of a deal. I CAN lose the weight.

I was also wondering if you guys had any workouts for getting in shape/fit for the AF the T-Man way. Any help would be appreciated.


Yes it can add that much weight. Moreso if you werent properly hydrated prior.

A good w/o. man theyll be running your butt off get used to running IMO BUT don't over due it. try and get or keep as much Lean mass and strength now as you can your likely to lose a good bit during basic, but itll come back



The AF doesn't use max allowable weight once you are in. They use appearance, PT test scores, and a BF % system. I don't like the method they use to figure BF though...

I don't know about the enlistment and pre-enlistment rules are anymore.

When I retired a little over a year ago, I weighed nearly 230, at 5'11". On the old max weight chart they used to use, my max allowable weight was about 199.

Even then you could go over the max if you looked OK, had some muscle, and met their BF requirement.