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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


First a little info on me. I am a 35 year old male. 6ft 175-180lbs.

I am into my third week of lifting and can really feel the affects! So for so good.

I have read an article here at T-Nation called Power Foods the magic 13.

I just want to say I tried the steamed broccoli covered in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and red pepper flakes. The Olive Oil tastes horrible!


Just keep eating it, you'll like it eventually. My girlfriend thought the same thing when she first had it, now she pours it on everything. I grew up on it (italian family) so I've loved it from the get go


Fat = Delicious.
Chili Flakes = Tasty.



I hate the taste of olive oil, but it's so healthy that I'd be stupid for not consuming it so I just drink it straight from the bottle at about every meal.


Are you using cheapo store-brand olive oil? Buy the real imported stuff from an Italian deli, the taste difference is quite amazing.


I second that. I don't buy from a deli, but I pay for the good stuff at the store. Be sure it is "First Cold Pressed". The lighter it is the more mild. True purest say you should only buy the stuff in tins, never glass or plastic.

I actually drink the stuff now, a shot or two straight from the bottle a few times a day. The cheap stuff will kind of burn the back of the throat, but the good stuff doesn't.


I like light extra virgin, but regular extra virgin not as much. It's an aquired taste, but you should get used to it. At least it's better than veggies just by themselves, which is even worse IMO.


I mix in a couple of tbsp's with my chocolate protein shakes. I can't taste it at all.


sixteenth, you are right. I ate the broccoli covered in olive oil again this evening and it isn't as bad.

defreezy, yes I am using the cheapo store-brand. Thanks for the advice I will try something different.


I think you should give it a shot with something else, try sauteing spinach with ur xtra virgen maybe. i LOVE olive oil, it's all I use for cooking, but even I don't know if I'd like it with broccoli... I live in Europe and I'm sure the quality of mine is probably better than the average bottle from in the states, but you should be able to find a good import.

Another idea, I remember as a kid I really developed a taste for olive oil dipping my bread in it. Try anything easy, right?


I attack everything with EV olive oil but the cheaper stuff not good.
It doesn't HAVE to be Italian - but they do have some great brands.


I agree that better quality oils (typically in tins or dark glass bottles) tastes a lot better. However I disagree with the post about cheap olive oil burning the throat. The more expensive and higher quality oils actually do this, while the cheaper ones tend not to. This also has to do with being regular or light, though quality first press olive oil should be very flavorful and somewhat spicy.