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Extra Test Cyp for HRT


I have been given 150mg of Test Cyp to take once a week. It comes in a 1ml bottle with 200mg per ml. So usually I have an extra 50mg left over. For the past two weeks I've been using an extra 150 mg per week (total of 300mg per week) and will have a blood test in late may (around the 24th or so). I was wondering with the half life, how I need to adjust so that my t levels come out ok for the blood work.

So here are the dates of the injections (all 150mg) - : April 6 150 mg, April 9th 150mg, april 13th 150mg and April 16th (today) 150mg. I wanted a little boost in my workouts but now am scared my blood levels will be off when I go back to the doc for bloodwork. Thanks for your help ahead of time!


Why not just do TRT as prescribed?


I know what you are trying to do. Your lab work may fool your doctor, but the labs really will not be of much value. You need to know HTC and E2 while you are on your normal T intake.

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You should be injecting 50mg twice a week. That solves the problem with the vial. If not a multi-dose vial you can fill three syringes with 50mg. You should be using #29 1/2" 0.5ml [50iu] insulin syringes and you can try SC injections.


that’s an answer to a question with a question… lol. still wondering… anyone?


[quote]sborkshire wrote:
that’s an answer to a question with a question… lol. still wondering… anyone?[/quote]

Welcome to T-Nation, where people actually want to try to help you but need accurate info in order to do so properly.


If you skip injecting a week, it will be as if you have been injecting half the dose, i.e., 75 mg in your case.


To be safe, you should quit the extra test C six weeks before a blood test. Based on the half life of test c (7-8 days), it will take that long for all of it to clear your system. It’s basic math.

You could try skipping a dose or two, but you’ll feel like crap. You can also just ask to wait a week or two before blood testing - you have issues with the needles, etc…

You should also probably stop fucking around. If you want to do a cycle, then do a cycle, but know what you are doing rather than just jacking yourself up with extra test. Unless you’re seriously in the gym, what’s the point?


Thank you. And yes I am seriously in the gym. Been working out hard for 4 years and wanted an extra boost. I appreciate the feedback.