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Extra T In Syringes

This might be a strange question, but on one of my recent shots I thought about the little bit of T leftover in each syringe at the tip where the plunger doesn’t reach (between the plunger of the syringe, and the tip of the syringe where the needle attaches.

Upon looking at a few of my past syringes, sure enough, each one is filled with T at that point. Each with a little, but it would really add up each injection.

My question is, does any do anything to utilize this portion of unused T? If I went back and sucked it out of each, I bet I’d have at least a full 80 mg shot.

What size syringes are you using?

A lot of us have switched to insulin syringes to eliminate that waste. And to barely feel the injections. I can do shallow IM with a 1/2” 30g insulin syringe no problem

I’m using 26 gauge, half inch needles with 1 ml syringes and removable needles. I ordered some 1/2" 30 g needles off amazon, but they are dull, and the needles don’t come off. I like the removable needles because I draw with a 18 g needle for ease, and also because then it doesn’t dull the needle when I draw, and then I inject with the 26 g, which frankly, feels a lot better than the 30 g dull ones.

I use 30g insulin syringes 1/2 inch needle 1CC and there is no leftover T in the syringes. The syringes that have removable needles seem to waste more than the ones that are fixed.

You could back fill them instead, doing several at a time that way isn’t a bad way to do it. Less wasted T and smaller needles on what you’re injecting with

Don’t you have any issues with dulling the needle when putting it into the rubber of the vial?

You mean just filling several syringes at a time? I’d have the same issue still with each syringe… a little T left at the tip of each after using them.

No. You can pull the plungers out and use a separate syringe/larger needle to fill them from the back, then put the plungers back in. If you search for it on YouTube you’ll see some videos with the details

Pull a little air into the syringe. Turn it upside down (needle tip down) and work the air bubble to the top next to the plunger, then put pressure on the plunger a little to work the test back down into the needle until you see a drop form, then inject. That air will push the rest of the test out.


A game changer since switching to 29 gauge insulin needles.

Will never go back to 23.

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Ah, thanks for the tip!

Great suggestion. Thanks so much!

Yup as @bmbrady77 suggested use the air-lock technique


That’s pretty cool. I’ve always used this to make sure that I get all of test out, but didn’t realize that the air bubble also seals the needle track. Thanks for sharing that!

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They are made to be used this way so no they don’t dull unless you re-use them 3 times. It’s $20 for 100 syringes so no need to do that.

This syringe and plunger will fix that:


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Perfect! Thanks highpull.

Use insulin syringes (needle+syringe intact) to save juice. I use 27G, the juice flows in just fine after being heated with hot water outside the vial.