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Extra T Dose for Vacation?

I’ve been on TRT for about a year now. 100mg/week Test Cyp. got me from 230 to 968 (I think the quest scale was 200-1000?) and my last bloodwork had my E2 at 29. A little high as I understand it. I’m not yet on any AI, the doc wanted to try zinc first and check again when I go back in a couple of month.

Getting my T normalized has been fantastic. I’m 38 and TRT has given me back a ton of energy, libido and lifted chronic low-grade depression.

My question is, I have a little extra Test Cyp. left and I was wondering if doubling my dose before I went on a weeks vacation would give me any extra (energy, libido) boost or would a single double weekly dose (200mg total) screw up my E2 or cause any other issue?

Thanks in advance!

Keep the dosing consistent and you’d be better off.