Extra skin?

I graduated college last year , and I was a Heavyweight wrestler, and offensive lineman. Now that I am out I decided that I should get rid of all of the extra fat that those sports made me carry. I have made great gains in strength, and lost a lot of fat (250, 40in waist to 225 35in waist). I am lean finally, the problem is I have excess skin around where my gut used to be. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this? It has only been like 2 months, will this go away on its own?

Maybe. I have the same problem. It has been almost 6 months since I went from a 42 in waist down to a 36. I still have most of the skin. The only thing that I have found to get rid of it is to shell out 8K for a tummy tuck. I have read that if you lost the weight slow, sit in a suna for 30 mins a day, and rub Vitmin E on the skin, while loosing the wieght it will help.

I’ve heard of this before from guys who lost weight really fast. You’ll have to wate untill your skin adapts to your new body size. The only other choice is surgery. Sorry.

I too have the same extra skin problem. I have lost about 135lbs. going from a 54 inch waist to a present 36 inch waist. Over the course of about the last six months i have noticed that the huge amount of extra skin I have is slowly starting to shrink. I have been carrying this extra weight , in varying amounts for all of my 39 years. My skin is still responding after all those years of abuse and is slowly coming back in shape. I don’t put anything on it only regular weight training and a clean diet. Follow what you can that is published in T-Mag. and it will snap back into shape, but give it time.

Thanks for the info guys. I am only 22, so will my skin shirink more quickly, or is that not an issue?

I was 21 when I lost my weight. I think age plays a factor, but it is more gynetics then age. Look at the women in your family. When they gave birth, did their skin go back to normal? I have shity gynetics when it comes to skin. But I have great gynetics for putting on muscle.