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Extra Sets and Reps


I’ve been training for 5 months now. And started an actual workout plan 2 months ago. I’m doing 5x5 ICF but I keep adding in extra reps in between sets and some extra sets aswell. Should I do this? Or just stick to the workout plan? Every time I don’t add in an extra set I feel as though I’ll get fat because I’ve burned less calories. I’m supposed to do 29 sets, but I do 39 sets instead per workout.


Ditch the program.

Get on a proven program, follow to the letter, believe in said program, reap the rewards.


What program do you suggest? And is it worth it adding in extra sets and reps


What’s your goal?
How much time do you have to train?
Preference on PPL, Full body, split, etc?



just push it on one of these and you wont want anything extra…


I prefer full body, my goal to build muscle mass I normally train for 3 hours but I don’t have much time in general.


Training for a marathon?

And contradict much?

Look up Waterbury’s work. Lots to choose from. I think Chris C wrote an article also on full body WO.


Yeah thats totally counter productive for a beginner(and pretty much everyone)