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Extra protein

According to Garlic’s data there is a protein-breakdown ceiling of about 2gr/kg. I eat more protein than that, and I was just wondering what happens to the “extra” protein that’s not being broken down. Is it used for energy or stored as fat or just excreted by the body.
I eat more than 2 gr./kg because I follow the massive eating diet (to a certain point).

what/who is Garlic? Is there a range stated in the ceiling? if not, I dont know how much stock I would put in the claim. But I am a VERY skeptical person.
As far as the extra protein- It is converted into glucose via a chemical pathway, and then treated as such. it ends up in the same place extra carbs do, cuz thats what it ends up being. But the conversion is not 100% efficient, so not ALL of the protein is converted. some energy is needed to perform the conversion.
There are better people to answer this question, however, so I will leave it up to them.

Whether the extra protein is stored as fat or used as energy really depends on how many cals your are taking in and burning. The body would rather use carbs and fat for energy, but if your diet is restricted in those, it will use the extra protein as energy. If your are getting plenty of calories, the protien will be stored as fat or used elsewhere in the body. You really don’t “urinate out” extra protein like many people say (or that much anyways). The nitrogen from protein is lost in urine though