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Extra Lean Hamburger Meat

How does this lean meat rate? I need some more fat in my diet, since I live on lean chicken(lots of it) and wild salmon.

I am thinking about eating 2 1/2 lb patties once a day with 1/2 cup brown rice and spinach/broccoli.

I love the stuff…but it’s not really going to add alot of fat to your diet. 96% lean beef only has about 4 grams of fat per 4 ounces.

Why not just consume some healthy oils if you want to increase fat intake?

I don’t sweat the fat in beef. Although some people will only buy the lean cuts and patties, I find that the fattier ones taste better :slight_smile:

I should note though, that I tend to keep most carbs away from my beef intake. I usually just have spinach, or a salad, and maybe a handful of almonds or cashews afterwards.


I wouldn’t want to eat red meat because of the fat content. Get the free range stuff but if you are looking to add fat to your diet why not fish oil, EVOO, primrose oil, coconut oil?

nuts, a half cup of those heanvenly monster will give you close to 30g of fat, 18g of protein and maybe 8 carbs