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Extra Kick with TRT


On month 11 of TRT. Current dosage is 100mg test C every 4 days. HCG .5 CC same schedule
.5 mg anazdrole same schedule

Been working great for me. I’m 34 years old, 210 lbs, 18% BF. I can do a better job dieting. I go through good streaks then lose it for a week and back on. I’m looking for an extra boost. Something that will give me solid gains that I can mix In with my TRT. The key is I have to get blood tested every 10-12 weeks. I would need something I can run for 6-8 weeks. Or something 8-10 if you have a suggestion of something that will leave blood quickly so my results comeback normal. I’m looking for knowledge and suggestions. Thanks everyone


First I would get consistent with the diet. I personally like just taking more test but then you have acquire more test from an outside source. Depending on how much more you take and where your e-2 is you may need to adjust your AI.


Not what I was looking for. I want to run something along with my test. Any suggestions on what I should run in a time frame that won’t throw off my blood work. The diet part I can do.


In my opinion nothing kicks like Tren Ethanate. Turns me into 18 year old along with crazy food intake, strength gains, fat loss, etc. However, Tren has known sides that not everybody can handle…night sweats to the point of staining your bedding, personality changes, mood swings, etc.

If you’re single or have a tolerant wife then try it. Since your doc is testing for Test, i dont think it Tren will affect those parameters but some research is warranted.


Deca And EQ have both been mentioned in the past as adjuncts to TRT. IIRC, the general consensus was that a sub-cycle dose of EQ (around 200mg/week) long term would have some excellent benefits.

My preferred method is to just do my TRT most of the time, and then throw in a cycle here and there (starting one in a month or so) using compounds other than test.


I feel like this doesn’t fit the parameters of what he was looking for, considering he mentioned relatively frequent blood tests.

I would pick an oral like dbol, and run that on top of your trt for like 6 weeks or so at a time. Or you could add test prop on top of your trt. I know you said you wanted something other than test, but if you’ve never run anything higher than trt, I’d give it a shot. Test is just awesome, nothing will beat it. running trt levels plus another compound is not really the best way to go about this imo.


Thought he meant just checking test levels, that’s all they check on my bloods for TRT.


They check a ton of stuff during my blood work. That’s why it needs to appear normal. How about this. What if I ran Tren A for 8 weeks directly after blood test. I would have 4 weeks off of Tren before my next blood draw. 40 mg EOD for 8 weeks. Would I need anything else other then my hcg and anazdrol? Would I keep most of my gains doing so?


40 mg EOD is a pretty mild cycle. Bill Roberts suggests 50-75/Day.

Anazdrol? Do you mean anastrozole? Some people suggest cabergoline with Tren due to prolactin increases but there are others who say that controlling estrogen will prevent the prolactin increases.


Yes anastrozole I just can’t spell apparently lol. I was thinking of starting 40mg then moving up to the higher dosage as you suggested. Would 4 weeks be enough time to level out all blood work?


ok, now we need to get specific. Metabolites of tren a will definitely be around for awhile. months. but so will the metabolites of a lot of compounds. What are you getting drug tested for? Is this for a sport, a regular job, a government job? just for the trt?


I’m getting tested every three months for TRT. Nothing to do with job etc… I know they check blood counts and hormones, total and free test and estrogen. I just want something that I can run alongside with my testosterone that I can come off of and keep most gains but I can’t have it show in my blood work or else they won’t give me the test, hcg and anastrozle. All that is being covered 100% by insurance so it’s all free


you and I have a different definition of ‘a ton of stuff’ then… lol.

OK, so everything that has been suggested to this point will work for testing purposes. It sounds like they aren’t testing you for nandrolone.

You’ve brought up something a few times that is a misconception of how all this works. Keeping gains is NOT dependent on what compound you took. I think people believe that because some compounds make you retain water, which affects scale weight, but others do not. The retained water weight wasn’t ‘gains’ in the first place though. What determines how much and how long you will keep gains is a) how much you gained in the first place, and b) how hard you work and how well you eat after you’ve come off the drugs. It’s also dependent on time between cycles. But if you gain 4 lbs of lean tissue and increase your bench press by 10%, it’s not going to matter whether tren, deca, eq, anavar, winstrol, or whatever you take caused the gain. Post-cycle strength losses will be similar.


I never ask for a copy of everything they test for. Now I wish I would of. Flipcollar what do you suggest I run for 6-8 weeks. I’m just looking to get leaner and stronger. I can keep my diet in check. What should I run for the extra boost and what else will I need on hand if anything.


my favorite steroid is dbol, taken orally. It’s just such a strong, proven compound. Very effective, and can be run for the timeframe you’re talking about. you can run it for 6 or 7 weeks. The reason I don’t really like EQ or Deca for your purposes is because you’re likely going to want something that kicks in quickly. dbol, and really all orals, do that. you’ll feel it in the first week, and you’ll see the results in the gym quickly. Anavar would be my second favorite oral steroid, if you don’t really like how dbol affects you. It can also be run for a couple months at a time. Both are out of your system very quickly as well.


I thought about anavar just not sure I can get good quality. I could do dbol I ran that 9 years ago with test. I wasn’t aware dbol would leave the body so quick. That would be a great.


Just another opinion, but I personally recommend tbol rather than dbol. Tbol will give you some good weight gain without the water associated with dbol. Not as ‘aggressive’ in the strength and weight gain as d, but still noticeable. IMHO, 40-60mg/day tbol would work better for your stated goals (lean muscle and strength).


i’ve never run tbol, can’t comment on that. I’d probably try it sometime if I didn’t like dbol so much. But for me, strength means everything, so based on your description, doesn’t seem like it would be up my alley. My favorite orals I’ve taken have been dbol, epistane and winstrol, in that order. Halo is super good too, but my experience with it is limited. I HATE superdrol. Makes me sick.


I ran dbol just a couple of months ago. All it did for me was give my gyno. No significant weight gain or strength gain. The source was very reputable but I had to stop altogether and start letro to stop the gyno. I was pretty pissed off. Still have quite a bit left


WHat if I ran my test injections up to 500 weekly for 8 weeks Then dropped back to 200 4 weeks later I would get blood tested again. Would my test levels go back to what they normally test at or would they be high?