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Extra Firm Rumble Roller



anyone know where i can find the Extra Firm Rumble Roller?? i swear, i have looked all over the internet and even called a few places that carry them but the only one im able to find is the Blue one. If anyone knows of a place id greatly appreciate it, i used it at my brothers college in their training room and it was the best recovery tool i have ever used, it gets 10xs deeper than a normal foam roller and i felt great, so im dying to get my hands on one!


In my pants,bro.


I have a small one of the extra firm and a large one of the regular firm. They're awesome.


That thing looks serious.


I want one aswell, but nobody ships to Australia.

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Dont understand so Elite does not have it?


They carry them, but they have been Out Of Stock for over a month now, and ive been looking all over the internet and nobody seems to have the Black Extra Firm one, im able to find the Blue one at some places, not the black...Some places im able to find the 12inch Black, but i really want the 36inch...


How much of a difference is the Extra Firm compared to the Regular?? Cuz im able to find the long regular firm one, but i havent used that one...i used the extra firm one and it was unbelievable, would i be better off just waiting to find the extra firm, or is their not much of a difference?? they are rather expensive, so if i should just wait let me know, any opinions is welcomed...thanks alot


^ size queen.


By squeezing them, I can tell a huge difference. By rolling with them I can only tell a slight difference.


Alright..ill give them another week or two, if they are still out of stock ill just get the blue one...but in the mean time if anyone knows of a place, let me know! thanks..


Check out liftinglarge.com they are currently taking pre-orders for their June 3rd shipment. They have the 12" in stock and the 31" will be in June 3rd. I hope that helps.


How many batteries does that take???



Awesome, thanks alot!


Its gas powered dude, dont you know??


LiftingLarge.com will have them in tomorrow hopefully...and i spoke with EliteFTS and they also said they will have them in by today or tomorrow, so ill keep checking their website and hopefully be able to order off their site...so if anyone else is looking to get one keep refreshing that EliteFTS page until you get lucky!


I'm the inventor of the RumbleRoller, and I just wanted to let everyone know that as of yesterday the full-size xfirms are back in stock at our main warehouse. We had such a run on this product after our appearance at the Arnold, that we had to make some serious adjustments to our production schedule. Quantities may still be limited for a while, but we're hustling to reduce lead times on any backorders. I apologize for any delays you may have experienced receiving your order.

IronWarrior34 (and anyone else waiting to order): I recommend placing your order with Elite, Lifting Large, or any of our other dealers immediately. It may still show as out of stock in their cart, but they should be able to ship within a couple days. If you're in a rush to receive it, order by phone and request that they have our factory drop ship directly to you.

TheBird (and anyone else outside the US): No dealers in Australia yet, but we're looking for one. Keep a watch on our retailer page (http://www.rumbleroller.com/retailers.html) for new listings. You can also email us a request -- STI email link at the bottom of that same page -- and one of our people will determine the cost to ship one to you. I'll warn you, though, that international shipping and duties can be very expensive.

To anyone debating whether to buy the regular or xfirm: Make sure you read the 2 questions about this on our FAQ page (http://www.rumbleroller.com/faq.html). Our regular (blue) one isn't a watered-down version; it's a serious tool, and is the one preferred by most athletes.

My biggest tip for using any of our rollers: SLOW DOWN. You're not rolling out pizza dough; you're releasing trigger points. That takes a concentration of force over an extended time. Let the bumps find a trigger point, camp out on it for 20 seconds or so, roll forward an inch, and repeat. Done this way, you might be surprised how hard the blue one feels. :wink:


Since i started such a great thread for your business i think i should be sent a free Rumble Roller as a marketing tool...ill even start a daily/weekly thread describing how great it works haha figured it wouldnt hurt to throw it out there!


How does this compare to PVC pipe? Has anyone used both?

I've been using PVC for a couple of years now and am ready to move on to something more advanced.


Bellmar- PVC pipe is alright, but the rumble rollers are way different because of the nubs. Trust me.