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Extra Eggs in Stuff


I hate the taste of eggs, but they are perfect little protein treasures. Can I add a couple of eggs to waffle batter, even if it doesn't call for it, and can I add extra eggs on top of what is called for in brownie mix?
If so, how many?


Don't know about batter, but I add them to my stir-fry. I wait for everything to half cook, then throw them in.


What kind of waffle batter do you use? Mine definitely requires eggs.


adding to things like batter etc will mess up the consistancy of the batter it will be edible as its food but it wont be the same as prior.

But for somethiung like a waffle depending on what your using it would at least make the profile of such a NOT so great food choice better prob not the taste and texture.

Like the other poster said stir fries, etc..


Like I'm a chef or something, but many baked and cooked recipes call for eggs. If you put int a bit extra, you may change the consistency or density a bit.

As for most batters, real recipes call for eggs, don't they, as opposed to the instant crap?


i add an egg or two to my waffles all the time. of course my waffles just consist of grounded oats and a quarter cup of milk.

not sure how the nutrients differ from an egg being cooked any other way though


Baking is like chemistry. If you get to changing shit, something's going to blow up.


Yeah, but come on, if you are just throwing together a meal for yourself, who cares if it turns out perfect.

Anyway, since the world is truly full of idiots, I don't think it really matters what happens, as long as you don't burn it.


I made brownines with 4 eggs instead of one. they are a little rubbery.