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Extra Cardio with Waterbury Summer Project

Can anyone recommend me any extra cardio besides the HIIT on this program?

I have a lot of time now, so I think 3-4 hours on top of the current workouts isn’t too much of a hassle.

Would it also be a good idea to substitute Tabata-interval cycling for the current HIIT plans?


Do the program as written. If you have extra time, go play sports- some flag football or basketball or something.

I would hesitate long and hard before I added more HIIT to WSB. It’s pretty cardio-heavy as it is, and I’m not sure if more is necessarily better.

Walking and sports, however, are really good recovery activities (depending on how aggressive you play). They’re fun, you move in three dimensions (as opposed to straight back and forth) and there’s a wider range of athletic expression (endurance, jumping, etc).

That’s my take.

Are you cutting in the middle of the holidays?
Ouch, man. Good luck.

Listen to Otep.

I think a greater emphasis should be placed on recovery activities that get the blood flowing. In fact, nothing - not BCAAs or any other supplement - has helped me recover faster than light cardio between heavy lifting sessions.

Have a nice lady friend to keep your company? There’s your recovery right there, son.

Thanks for the replies guys!

I don’t have a suitable “lady friend” just yet, maybe I’ll attempt to find one while walking in town. ;p

if you’ve got an elephant cock, the best way would be just walk around with no pants on…that’s what I do, except in place of the gasps of excitement I get a lot of laughs … sometimes I think my dick’s a stand-up comedian

Do the first 3 weeks of the program as stated and then ask yourself this question. the answer will be obvious.

play sports on the other hand would be fine and a good habit. try handball, its the 6th funnest thing ive ever done. wear a mouth guard.