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Extra Assistance Day/Week

Hey Jim,

I’ve been running BBB 4 days/week for a few months, just starting my 5th cycle, everything is going great.

I have a rack and some dumbbells at home, I prefer to train at home, but I am just coming back from a herniated disc and once or twice a week I see a sports physiotherapist whose clinic is in a gym, and before our sessions he gets me into the gym for free.

So far I have been trying to train twice a week at home and twice at the gym so that I can have my physio stretch me out immediately after my hardest back days, but I hate training there. There are always kids texting in the racks and bosu balls bouncing onto the platforms and I’ve even had people sneak attack spot me and put there hands on me, uninvited, while I’m at the bottom of a squat.

The gym is, however, beautifully equipped with every machine you could ask for, and at this stage I absolutely need to keep going to physio.

So my question is, have you ever ran anyone with an extra day that was just assistance or machine focused, and then did 5/3/1 on another three days or something to that effect?

I’m totally prepared to keep doing what I’ve been doing, its been great, I don’t look to change your program and I will continue on it if this doesnt work; but I seriously hate people.

Not Jim here -
but I will bite first here. I really like doing my military presses after dls. The much heavier weight with the dls seriously primes me for the lighter militaries - a lift I have struggled with at times. The weight generally flies up after. So I do my dls and all their derivatives, i.e. pr, jokers, first last, etc - then press, then back to dimmel dead lifts (or whatever ass i am doing) and abs. It makes for a big work out but I enjoy the day. Thus I have a 4th day free where I do 5-3-1 with close grip bench, bent rows, and whatever else for bench assistance.

Day 1 - dead lift/ mp
Day 2 - off/ sled for recovery
Day 3 - bench
Day 4-off/ entirely
Day 5 - squat/ sled/ sprints
Day 6 - bench ass
Day 7 - off/ entirely