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Extolling the benefits of beef jerky

I went overboard and made about 3lbs of beef jerky today because I’m starting T-Dawg 2.0 tomorrow and wanted to have some easy protein sources around. I was curious about the nutritional benefits of this kind of “cooking”. From what I have read so far, it seems that the dehydrators do not get hot enough to destroy the vitamin content of the meat, and I really don’t see any way that the drying process would cause something to happen to the beef’s amino matrix.

Does anyone have any data that would suggest that this isn’t a nutritionally sound protein source?

I made my own marinade which has lots of sodium I’m sure but I’m not really worried as I seem to sweat a great deal in the gym and I drink plenty of water; aside from the apparent benefits of “sodium loading” to a degree. The marinade has no sugar.

Thanks for any opinions in advance.

Dried beef. With some extra salt. Good protein source, no carbs.

I say go for it.

you can MAKE beef jerky?!?!?
i thought it grew in packets :wink:
jokes aside, how do you make it… please tell me or give a good link
(i am pretty useless in the kitchen)