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External Rotator Work


For the past few weeks I've been doing WS4SB3 after having done 5/3/1 tweaked to my own liking with amazing results. I liked the layout of WS4SB3 and could use a change in training and have so far liked it. Under 5/3/1 I would do some seated external rotator work once a week (usually just 2x12 in each arm) when I had no upper body lifting to do the following day.

However, seeing as twice a week I am doing seated DB power cleans (I work out at home so I can't do face pulls or some other machine movements) which definitely work the external rotators, am I overworking my rotators by doing direct external rotator work at the end of the lifting week? Everyone's advice is appreciated in advance. Thanks.



The external rotators are tiny. You are not overworking them.

If you’re interested in shoulder health check this out. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_repair/pushups_face_pulls_and_shrugs

And google LYTP. It’s on Nick Tumminello’s site. (Can’t post the link.)


If you have a home gym, you should probably have at least one set of bands. You can do pull-aparts for a change of pace if you’re so scared of overtraining.


No, you’re not overworking them. I do face pulls with bands at home ad-naseaum with no ill-effects and band pull-aparts. Just ease your way into it. It’s given me healthier shoulders and a sturdier shelf on my back for squats and benching.

Be sure to work on external and internal rotation mobility too.