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External Rotation: Single vs. Cuban

I just worked my rotator cuff last night after a few weeks layoff (stupidity, no other reason...then my shoulder started to feel weird so I decided I have to take my external rotators more seriously). I did my usual cuban rotations (4 sets) and then threw in some single arm db external rotation (isn't this what Mr. Poliquin said he used with his athletes?).

Well, I could hardly do 5 reps with 11 lbs (I did 8 about an hour later). I felt a big bad burn (and I think a pump, too) in my external rotators, my shoulders felt great, and now I’m sore. Does it seem to me or is the db external rotation better than the cuban?
Strength, Vlad

Well it seems you’ve never tried the one-arm so it could’ve been the novelty effect. Here’s the deal for me - the Cuban allows you to cut your time and effort by working bilaterally, while the dumbbell L-fly has the option to bring your arm in front of you for a different angle. If you feel it works better for you then drop the Cuban for a while. Maybe after a month you’ll end up with the same revelation from trying the Cuban again:-)