External Rotation ROM

Yesterday I was attempting to do some supinated chin ups for the first time in quite a while and I found that I can not grip the bar at a full hang. I have done plenty of pull ups but all were neutral or pronated grip.

It was pretty painful in my forearms and my pinky would just slip right off the bar. What would be some good ways to eliminate this problem?

Band shoulder dislocates slowly working up so you are flexible enough. move hand in on the bands as weeks progress. the bands pull and give pressure and will slowly make you more and more flexible


Makes sense Phill. I have been doing dislocates with PVC but all but my thumb and first finger come off when I am behind my head. Great input, thanks.

No prob had/have the sam,e prob with pipes and bars the band really seem top help and give that constant pull in but give as well

Hope it helps