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External Rotation Of Ankle/Femur?

Hey guys -

I have pronated feet and I guess alittle external rotation in the ankle. But my toes tend to point outwards, so I’m assuming it’s external rotation of the femur.

My question is, what can be causing this, and how can I fix it?

Some people say it’s tightness in the external rotators of the hip, others say tight ITband, or ilipsoas. What’s your thought on this?

That’s pigeon-footedness, right? I figured its from the way you grew up walking.

Is it causing you pain/difficulty?

I have this problem in one of my legs.
When I walk out a squat I have to be extra careful lining up my footing.
It took me about a year to notice the problem so now I can lift more when my legs are in the improper alignment, so it sucks going back and trying to fix it in proper form.

Pidgeon-footedness is the opposite, overpronation is usually accompanied by flat footedness.

I have the same exact issue OP, and in large part it’s due to tight internal rotators at the hip(kind of a weird situation, pronation at the ankle causes internal rotation at the knee and hip which causes the lateral rotators to work overtime and fixing the hip in external rotation). Try this stretch.