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External Hemorrhoid...


SO from the title, definitely not a great topic to talk about so perhaps the casual viewer wouldn't want to read.

I've got an external hemorrhoid that I believe is a result of not getting enough fiber (just got back to school and am just now back into my rhythm after 2 weeks) and also beginning to sumo DL. Nevertheless, I'm finally taking time off and taking it seriously since it prolapsed and now is more palpable. It started out as a hard little pea and then prolapse to where it is bigger and softer with the pea still at the top. I've pushed the soft part back in...

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone else has much experience with this? I've searched the site for answers and the web but haven't found much of anything about training with it. I'm taking my deload week now but instead of simply cutting volume, I'm going to take two days off (today and tomorrow) and then maybe work in some DE bench on friday, pull (back/biceps/etc..) on saturday, and try DE squats on sunday. With all of the dynamic effort I will breath in on eccentric and out on concentric. All of my weight will go down as it will be more of a true deload.

So I'm wondering how this sounds for training? Anybody lift while theres was healing? Should i just try DE squats on sunday and then maybe some single leg stuff? My numbers were just starting to really get up there and now this comes up. It was time for a deload week anyways but I'm afraid this might turn into two or three deload weeks. I'm upped my fiber and will take it a little easier on the protein on these two off days. Upped my water intake. Any help or insight from fellow lifters will be awesome. If its not obvious, I'm a powerlifter so I may move to more isolation on my deload as well but yeah, any advice is awesome. thanks


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I thought I was the only odd one...when I used to use a lot of protein powder, my shits in the morning were much looser. So I grabbed a spray cleaner bottle, emptied it out, and washed it out and filled it with water. It sits next to the TURLET now. I wipe a couple times, then grab a handful of paper and spray some water on it. Feels much better, and cleans much better too.

My wife popped a big hemoroid(sp?) 6 months ago. She did it not breathing on heavy Squats, etc...but just grunting too much and not breathing smoothly. She used PREP H, and it shrunk it right down.


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haha i appreciate the feedback. Its doin better today, I pushed it back in and its shrunken down from yesterday. Do i need to push the little pea part back in too? Do yall think that doing DE upper tomorrow will be alright with getting tight and everything or should i stay perhaps a little looser and not arch as hard (for bench)? I'll probably try some DB bench after DE and then just some bodybuilding stuff too. DBs that I can usually get for 10-12 I'll drop down to 5x5 or something (although thats still 90 lbs. Too much?)

BTW do yall get hemorrhoids now frequently? Like do they come back every few months? Or are you pretty much cured? I wouldn't be able to take not squatting or deadlifting ME at least once a week.

Also do you just make sure to breath between each reps of squats and deads now?


In addition:

Basically I'm just not sure what to expect being a PLer after these heal.

And how long did it take for yalls to heal or before yall lifted full out ME again?


I'm not a PL'er but I've had a couple nice 'roids on occasion and for me, keeping my a**hole super clean was the thing. Using Tucks wipes and then Prep H did the trick.


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yeah i never use a belt anyways, even on ~500 lbs DLs. I've just gotten used to not wearing one although I was really contemplating one but I'll be holding off for a while now.

Can yall let me know how long it was before yall lifted heavy again? Or how long before you squatted and deadlifted again? Have yall not had another one now since yall have been keeping it much cleaner? Thanks


Wow! The South really came out in that last paragraph, ya'll........As soon as everything in the NetherRegion fell "normal" I gave it 4 or 5 more days just to be careful, then back to lifting as usual. Now you'll be able to tell if one is coming on and back off if necessary, ya'll.