Extension Based Lower Back Pain

Hello guys I was doing well with my recovery but the past like 3 weeks my back has been acting up on me. So basically I made a post a few months back about an injury I had in February when deadlifting. Felt like I broke my back and a lot of movements were restricted due to pain in my spine and muscle.

Over the summer I mostly did stretches for my lower back muscles and did extension exercises for my spine. (Mckenzie Method) and my recovery got really good and I was able to start regaining strength while correcting my form.

Lately (past 3 weeks ish) though my lower back has been feeling really weak, unstable, and constantly tweaked. I feel like if I am not careful my disks will slip all over the place. There is a sharp pain (it feels like it is in both the spine and muscle but i can’t tell) when initially going into extension while standing or trying to attempt my mckenzie exercises. The pain fades away slowly when I stay in extension. Sitting and going into extension doesn’t seem to have any pain. I don’t think it has affected my strength at all for lifting. I have been using a lacrosse ball too for my lower back and it does work to feel better but I also feel like this constant rolling of the lacrosse ball can also be aggravating my lower back as well. Not quite sure and I’ve tried leaving it out to see if that was the case but it doesn’t seem like it. I stretch my hip flexors and my hamstrings as well but I need to do a lot of stretching and stuff everywhere just for like an hour of relief.

Stop stretching.

Start stabilizing and strengthening.

Look up McGill big 3. Do it 1x per day, 3x6, 4, 2. 10 second holds. Focus on quality movement, first and foremost. If you get sloppy, move stop. Restart the next day.

Back injuries can take a while to heal, especially if you’re retweaking .

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