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Extending the Candito 6-Week

What would you guys think about doubling the length of the Candito 6-week plan? I’m currently running it with Front Squat/DB Bench/Power Clean while on a break from the Big 3, and I’d like to be able run it with both those and the Big 3 at once because they help so much with my main lifts.

Example for week 1 & 2 squat/DL work:
Squat 1

  • 4x6 Back Squat/3x6 Power clean
    Squat 2
    -4x6 Sumo Dead/3x6 Front Squat
    Squat 3
    -3x8 Back Squat/3x8 Power Clean
    Squat 4
    -3x8 Sumo Dead/3x8 Front Squat

Added bonus that I get to focus on DL more than original program.

Current Maxes: