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Extending Test Cycle to 20 Weeks, Any Issues?

Hi I need some advice. Due to circumstances I need to extend my test cyp 500mg a week cycle to 20 weeks, this is my first cycle. Is there any dangers of going this long or anything I need to know beforehand? Also on my last injection (I’m doing one injection a week) should I taper off? And one last question will my PCT be any different at this length or the same as 12 week I was going to use Clomid and won’t be doing a cycle for at least 10 months after (or possibly not going back on at all). Thanks

Damn that’s a long time man, especially for your first one, I would leave it at the 12 weeks (or however long you are at now) and begin your PCT protocols, and see how your body recovers. It’s not worth doing possibly irreversible damage for an extra 8 weeks. I usually only do 8 weeks, most I ever did was 12 weeks last year and the recovery for that was slow enough for me to not want to try any longer than that.

I’ve heard of the “need” to cut them short… but never a “need” to extend. What’s the reasoning? Unless your B&C I think it’s a bad idea.

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You likely won’t notice any drastic improvements after 13-15 weeks. Two shorter cycles would likely net more gainz.

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Sounds like a bad idea IMO. You already have no clue how your body recovers as it is your first cycle. Prolonging it may screw with you more, or it may not, no way of knowing. I wouldn’t personally take the chance though. I extended one cycle up to 13 weeks and was a little uneasy in my own mind. Lol.

You don’t “need” to extend anything

If you’re in the circumstance of “don’t have access to PCT drugs”, you can drop the dosage to 150-200mg weekly, there’s no “need” to continually use 500mg…

Longer duration of use = higher chance of shit hitting the fan and/or something going wrong

Thanks for your advice guys. Reason I need to stay on is for a sport I took it to make a weight but the season has been extended 7 weeks. Not sure what to do if I come off now surly I’ll lose my size in 5 weeks. Total cycle Length would be 17 weeks not 20.

Does this sport test drug test? Testosterone/epitestosterone ratio will be off… carbon isotope testing itself can weed out the use of synthetic test nowadays

No nothing like that!

My first cycle was 20 weeks for a similar reason. I got bigger and stronger right up to the last day and recovered fine. Made more gains in the last 4 weeks than the 4 weeks prior to that, even. I would suggest you use hcg the last few weeks if you are going to do that.