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Extending Test Cycle Another 12 Weeks?

Been on cyponate for 12.week enject of 0.5 ml every 5 days… Can I extend the cycle with another test for another low test dose for another 12 week then do. My. Pct? Would it be OK?

What dose is your gear

What is the point? Why?

You are shutting down natural production for Test doses you could get naturally. You are basically injecting 200mg Test Cyp every week. The same as me for TrT which puts me anywhere from 800-950 for Test levels. Nothing crazy. You keep that up, you might as well roll into TrT. Makes no sense in shutting down natural test for them small of numbers of exogenous test.

So I Cant extend it that much even if i use hcg?

So if I do pct my. Normal test level would be close to what I enject?

I dont know how old you are or your natural baseline to be able to say. I just know that injecting 200mgs a week is not worth the risk of shutting down natural production when you weigh risk vs reward.

So does that mean if I do a pct now I won’t lose alot os my size?

All the size you gained you could have more than likely been gained without your small dose cycle. How you finish your cycle, pct then continue training is on you.

I actuslly did my last dose 3 days ago. So I suppose to start my. Pct this week.

PCT should be started 2 weeks after last injection. I could be wrong. I run TrT with small blasting and cruising.

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What would happen if I shut down my. Own test?


You slowly start to turn into a woman. I think the process has already started. Seek help

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By week 4 my balls shrunk so if you are on week 12 then you’re natural test is shutdown. The point of pct is to help get it back going. Basically any amount of test will shut down your natural test production so you doing 200mg instead of 500mg shut you down the same except had you done 500mg you would have had more gains. Not saying you did anything wrong though as starting with a low dose is better than too high of a dose. At least now you know how you react to small doses and can have a decent expectation for if/when you do a higher dose blast.

But is going for test for longer like 20 weeks has any side effects?