Extending Super Soldier to 12 Weeks?

Hey Paul,
First I just wanna say I finished SSP and have managed to lose 6kg in 8 weeks! Digestion & energy is great utilising your dieting & handling stress tips. Shoulders, traps is filling my shirt nicely and waist size has gone down. Thanks for the great program.

Now to the question…
Next time I run this program I’d like it to be abit longer possibly a 12 week run, would you say doing something like the shield phase twice before doing the stars & stripes phase would be a good way of approaching this?

YES! Totally. I’ve been running The Shield over and over again back to back. You don’t have to run directly into the Stars and Stripes at all. Just run what is working. So if you’re killing it on the Shield program, repeat it. If you get tired of it mentally, move on to the Stars and Stripes. You can run them in a row like I laid out, or as separate programs. No problems there.

Awesome, thanks for the answer. I’m thinking Ill run the original version of the shield first then the second run i’ll try the HIT version you posted in the forums.

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Awesome! Let me know how you work it!