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Extending Gratitude on my Birthday


As I won't up at 4:30 in the morning just so I could be up in time to go to the gym (my basement), I wasn't too pleased. i knew the impending "Happy Birthday" from loved ones, something I don't really care for. I hate being the center of attention (except when it comes to my body....then I don't mind).

However something hit me. Im wished a happy birthday only because im cared about. I have many people to be thankful for.

Some of these people are found on this very website. I have not only gained new knowledge (and muscle), but have gained new insight on this whole bodybuilding thing.

As many of you know, I've had my times when I acted like a know it all (at least trying to) and sticking with the whole "TBT" thing. But because of my new insight, I've learned what works best, and what had been proven to work best.

So on this day (and many others to come), I want to extend my thanks to you all who have helped me. I can't name everybody, because the number of people would be too high (and I can't even remember everybody).

But I would like to extend thanks personally to Professor X: You helped knock sense into me about the "tried and true" ways of bodybuilding. And obviously with your size to prove it, I was stupid to ignore the results and what works best for adding muscle the quickest.

Thanks to all who have helped me here on T-Nation.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

And now I'm off to do squats! !@#$%^


What a cheesy fuckin post. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday.

(FYI, sometimes I wish people a happy birthday to be nice, not because I care about them.)


Next time, just put the obligatory (no homo)


Actually, I was reffering to the bit where he says, "...Im wished a happy birthday only because im cared about..."


Happy b-day....



(That's T-Man speak for Happy Birthday)