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Extending Cycle to 20 Weeks

Wanting to extend my cycle to 20 weeks. I couldnt stop after my planned 12 week cycle. Im currently on week 15. I guess I’m hooked, love the way I feel on test. What are the dangers of running long cycles besides test shutdown, high blood pressure, and prostate problems.
I plan on getting on try sometime after this cycle

Bench 345
Squat 405
DL 400
And I already have 4 kids.

I understand what you’re saying but maybe I’m old school but I always practice time on equal time off. Just me but I’m on trt so I’m not having to go without anything. Maybe so more knowledgeable members will respond.

Ahhh…you have reached that point in your life where you realise that adding life to your years is more important than adding years to your life.

You’ve got all the rugrats you can handle, so fertility is not a concern…you appreciate how awesome you feel on testosterone and you (understandably) wish to ride that wave forever - as I do. I support your desire to blast and cruise forever!

Major concerns IMO are blood viscosity and stroke. AAS = increased RBCs = inc. risk of stroke.

Solution: give blood regularly and consume plenty of omega 3 (lubricates the blood).

Prostate is another issue obv. but not something I am experienced in as I’ve never had issues there (i’m only in my early 40s).

I stay away from orals mostly, due to liver health and I keep an eye on my blood pressure etc.

The most prevalent issue for me is my mood when on high doses of androgens (e.g masteron) which can make me emotionally dead. My wife doesn’t like me that way (shock!) and since she is such an awesome woman, I let her impose a ban on tren and a limit on masteron.

Remember to walk a middle path (no excessive doses or excessive muscle mass) and stay observant of self and you should be OK.

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply. That’s what I was wanting to hear. I’m afraid when I come off my cycle and go to a try Dr, they will look at my muscle mass and deny me trt.

I do the same C&B 4 Life

I love it to bro who wants to be Clark Kent when you feel like superman… Gainz are sweet, your a sex monster and feel like crushing your enemys while you hear the laments of their women…I get it bruh…

Long cycles no bueno here is the HH solution

Cruise 200mg per week

Blast May June July ( perfect for being awsome at pool or beach) cut cycle

Blast Nov Dec Jan (beef up in winter) bulk cycle

Mini 6-8 week blast if you really want some other time

Now go enjoy your 30s & 40s gainz you earned it

But be safe do labs 2x a year and dump blood every 3 months