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Extending Cycle for Contest Prep

Height - 5’7
Weight - 186
BF - 7-8%
Age - 25

Current cycle:
600mg /week Test E (300mg Mon & Thurs)
400mg /week Deca (200mg Mon & Thurs)

Week 1-6 Dbol 20mg/day

Anastrozole .25mg ED

I am winding down week 6 now and I have put on some decent size thus far (roughly 7-8lbs) while staying considerably lean on the Dbol. Actually losing quite a bit of body fat. Strength has been great, diet has been on point. But I have run into an issue. My diet coach wants me to begin prepping for a show in April. I had planned on this just being a clean bulk cycle and cutting hard in the summer and if I was looking ready for a show then begin prep for it. At this point if I finish out my cycle as planned I’ll be near the end of my PCT at the day of the show but if I continue using and switch to other “pre-contest” drugs I’ll be suppressed for over 20 weeks.

I had thought about stopping now, in 2 weeks begin my post for 4 weeks (depending how I feel), then starting back up with shorter esters and other contest prep drugs. Or just finishing out this cycle and competing in my PCT?

This will be my first show and I’m worried I wont look as hard as I should to be competitive after running my PCT if I finish this one out.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. If you need more info please just ask!!


I can’t comment on the precontest drugs and what not how ever. I see you only have two real options here.

  1. Stay on the cycle through the 20 weeks and do the show. Yes 20 weeks is a while to be shut down how ever more than a few people have recovered with that duration as well as even longer. May want to look into HCG if really that worried about it. Don’t ask me what protocol to run it as I have never ran it and don’t want to comment with out some first hand knowledge of it. Although I’m sure some one can chime in on that

  2. Tell your coach your not going to do the sshow in April and run your cycle as planned then pct and plan to compete closer to the of 2015.

I really don’t think you should stop now, pct for 4 weeks and then kick it back in. Being 6 weeks in you are just now really seeing the gains you want. How ever this means you just now really got shut down. So quiting for 4 weeks you give your body just enough to time to start back up and then you shut it off again as soon as it is recovering. I have no proof but personally to me this sounds much harder on your hormones and body than just staying shut off for a few extra weeks.

I think you should probably just stay on.