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Extending Cycle 4 Weeks for Competition

Hi Guys,

New member here! Fairly new to this but I have tried to educate myself as best as possible before this I started out on this journey.

27 Y/O, 10% BF, 3500 cals pd, week 7 of my first cycle at 500mg test and 0.25 adex EOD. PCT at the ready! (Nolva and Clomid).

Quick note: So far I’m loving it, growing by the day, feeling like an absolute BEAST (bedroom and gym), my strength is increasing every day. I’m also very into competitive lifting (untested).

Question: My last pin is set to be on the 19th of September; I have a competition on October 19th (was quite last minute). I would prefer to not be in my PCT phase at this point. What do you think about doing a cruise of 250mg for an extra 4 weeks and then doing a solid PCT (nolva and clomid) straight after the competition?

I am looking for sensible answers, trolls and haters please kindly take your negativity elsewhere. TNation has been such a great source of information and people should be more grateful for this service.


Thanks Guys

Perfectly fine to do it that way. It would be kind of dumb to go into competition while in your pct phase, frankly, so your instinct is spot on I can’t see the harm in doing this.

Thank you very much, I see you helping a lot of guys so will certainly trust your opinion.