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Extending a Cycle


I'm 3 weeks into a 8 week test prop cycle and dropped and broke my last vial of test prop. I'll be taking delivery of another vial in 7 days. I do have Dbol on hand which I hate, it causes my nipples to itch almost immediately.

So, I suppose I can cut this cycle short and start PCT in 3 days. I can wait it out and if I don't get my test in a week then start PCT. Or, can I use my Dbol to stay suppressed until I receive my prop? Will 10mg/day keep me suppressed? 5 mg?

Any other options?



it wouldnt be a problem to just wait the 7 days and not use the dbol if you dont fair well with it.

why are you so eager to 'stay suppressed'? It sounds like that is your goal, instead of keeping androgen levels high to retain muscle and promote anabolism. Just sounds backwards to me.