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Extended use of Clomid


Because i am experiencing troubles recovering my natural testosterone production and recovering sex drive, i am taking clomid for 2 months (1st month 100mgs/day and 50 mgs/day after), and Redkat for 1 month. Do you think theres is some kind of problem taking clomid so much time? also i have many box's of HCG 5.000 i.u, could this help my recovery? If yes how should i use it? Thanks for all advices, i am passing a hard time (and spending much money on Viagra), i am even thinking not to take anymore cycles.


I haven't heard of anything wrong with taking Clomid as you described.

Some of the experts (i.e. Cy Wilison) are pretty strongly against using HCG. They say it won't help recover endogenous T-production, just helps recover some of your testicular volume - and that with some potential serious side effects.

I used HCG once, I probably won't use it again.


So warhorse, it shouldn't be a problem taking clomid 50mgs/ED untill i find myself recovered? How long can this take, any idea?


I not warhorse but I have read Clomid could
be taken for long periods of time. It would be helpful if you posted the cycle I sure the
Vets could help. Another thing your age
will be a factor in how long it take to recover.
I 38 so I take clomid and sometimes nov
during cycle.

Good Luck