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Extended Time Off - Program Advice


I have done some very heavy pulls (for me) this year (clean pulls this year (granted badly) .Deadlift gone from 215-----> 237.5kg. Taken my pull to the belt from 180kg - 200kg Bench 110-140kg ( hadn’t trained for 6 months ) Should I have some extended time off ? I tend to overtrain a little.
I am thinking of doing a 3 day week OL programm from Matt Foreman (MASTERS OL)from his book, where I peak every 4 weeks for around 6 months. Hoping to maybe add a bench to it , so I can still do some powerlifting. I am 37 , 112kg bw. I want to drop a lot of weight too (at least to 90kg)

Hoping to hit 600lb Deadlift next year. 500lb squat and perhaps 160kg bench

Not sure what OLs I am hoping to hit. only got 77.5kg Power Snatch.

Programm is back squatting , front squatting and the classical lifts mostly. (fairly standard fare).


Found this , an attractive Australian Jessica Ennis lookalike explains supercompensation in the muscular, nervous system and endocrine system.(Christmas like style lol).


Well I took the time off. I will start my 3 day a week programm tomorrow, as it is a weekly programm M0N-MON I was wondering how to structure (with percentages monthly peaks)?

rack jerk
front squat
ab work

WED- Clean
Snatch pulls
back squat
ab work

FRI Snatch
Clean and Jerk
ab work