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Extended Sets for Legs Article?

First post yay!

I remember reading an article about extended sets for legs but I cant seem to find it.

The exercises where described as extended sets of squat and deadlifts i.e. front squat/back squat/sumo squat and snatch grip dl/rdl/sumo dl

Anyone remember the name of the article?

No idea. Forget the article. Go do and extended set or a version of.

I did a tricep strip set a couple days ago and my triceps are still blown up.

Use a machine or cable. Ramp up/warm up to a 4-5 rep absolute max. Raise the pin. Rep to failure. Raise the pin and continue. No between strips. Depending on your individual condition you may get to a point where you can no longer do even one rep. Then you stop. You also may get to the point where you can do 15 reps after quite a few drops. At this point I say start going the other way and INCREASE the weight. Then you’ll get to a point where you can no longer do even one rep.

Did this as part of my leg workout last week using leg extensions…it was interesting…I can’t remember the number of sets or number of reps it was all a blur of 5-10 minutes of total concentrated effort.