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Extended Length Dumbbells

Hello folks. I’m looking to see if anyone has a lead on extended dumbbells for standard free weights. When I load mine with 10# plates they max at six plus two fives. If I load eight plates the lock starts to unthread and the damn plates fall off. I know I could get 25# plates but I’d rather keep the weight as close to what I use at the gym. Thanks!

Ironmind has ones but very pricy.

Rogue has ones for their dumbbell bumper plates they’re pretty long

There’s lots on eBay!

DiY: “How To Build Your Own Kroc Dumbbell” on Jim Wendler’s site.

Go to a local steel stockist and get some welded up longe bar of course. Great for supported rows strict and cheat. Then go to your local fastening for fittings to weld too. Forget adjustable far too dangerous.

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