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Extended Kin. Leachers.

Hey guys,

I just want to know your opinion and maybe experience with having cousins, uncles, grandparents all living in your house.

The house i currently live in, was bought by my dad (but he HAD to let my mother’s side pay the other half… so they could move in and WE[the children] would not be able to go “you didnt fucking pay to live here” to the rest of the relatives).

Anyway, i have been living in this arrangement for all my life, and apparently its kind of mainstay for Asians to take care of their parents and thus all live together.

But the thing is, my parents come up with all the bills. They pay for everything, the electricity, the food, the furniture, the cable, the water and everything else. While my two uncles just live off everything.

1 of them actually works for my dad at home and drives my sibs to school, but that is not worth $1000 out of my dad’s pay check. He has a family, off shore though.

THE other WAS A TOTAL BUM, had 2 kids and a stupid wife (Seriously she has the education of a first grader and the common sense of a monkey). HE only got his ass to work after he realised his two children (Who are not gifted in the common sense/education department) had to go to school. YET, they do not pay for the food they eat. My parents support basically 2-3 families. And the money he does earn from his new job (Which my dad had to pull strings for), goes to their upstairs fridge and luxury items.
Sure his wife does cook for us sometimes, but its so unedible that only they know how to eat it.

When all the eggs disappear, they magically grow their own leaving me with none. ANd when i do decide to buy more, they devour them like there is no tmr.

Also the current room they are staying in was meant to be my parents. (upstairs). I have triplet siblings, so now they are getting pretty big but have no where to stay. My room is a renovated room, created outside. So basically you open the door its a bedroom on the inside and cars parked on the outside (like a garage i guess). And my siblings need more space, yet my uncle called shotgun when my grand parents pass away that their room will be his and his wifes.

Basically my parents are falling into debt and my uncle is just helping us along. (I have a bum older brother who can spend atleast $100 a week… not including food expenses as he lives off instant noodles and occasionally spends like $500 on his stupid car and it’s stereo. I mean he goes up to my mum and says “I WANT 300 dollars.” or “i am going on vacation i need money for the ticket and hotel room”.

Seriously my parents are good people and tehy don’t deserve this. I talk to my dad and he just shrugs it off painfully because he loves my mum. ANd my mum just acts like nothing is going on. I mean just the other day my uncle and his kids told me to get off the internet cause i was hogging the speed. There are 5 people sharing the fucking router and my parents pay for it. I just dont understand.

Well, basically you can’t change the common mentality on you own in the family.
What you can do is to start with yourself. Be self providing when the time comes. Financial self dependent and providing for starters.

How old are you?

LoL i am working right now, as i just finished high school. I’m just saying that this situation is really frustrating and what does my age have to do with this?

seriously, watching your parents come home everyday hopelessly, and just put up with the bullshit everyday its really sad.

Your from SG, your parents would have wooped the snot out of my uncles lol.

Damn man that really sucks. You should go on Dr. Phil.