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Extended HDL

CT What is a good rep amount to shoot for on the first micro set, and the second micro set? Are we shooting for a total of 15 reps like the 5,4,3,2,1 decending HDL and the Hard “5” HDL? The extended set HDL seems to give me the most trouble, I don’t know why.

not CT but i personally usually get 7-9 reps, then 3-5… i suppose it depends on the loading %

Yeah that is basically what I get to. Where I have trouble is trying to get at least 15 reps for all three sets, so I wasn’t sure if 15 reps was the goal for all sets. I know for 5,4,3,2,1 and hard “5” 15 total reps for all sets is the goal.

i think the 15 rep total is more of a coincidence between 5/4/3/2/1’s and hard 5’s. ‘15’ isn’t a magic number and each HDL stimulates in different ways. extended sets work great as they are. i actually had better progress when i went heavier (5-6 reps then 2-3), although i didn’t try it for that long! -i prefer hard 5’s over all else, i think you can focus on it better as you know the reps you’re going for.

the take home point is just to make sure you’re working hard and getting all the reps you can (with decent loading). CT’s layer system has actually taught us that lower rep schemes could be the future for hypertrophy. so don’t worry about getting 9 reps at the start of each extended set, just focus on getting solid mechanical work in, and finish each set knowing you pushed hard and your reps were solid.