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Extended Drop Programming?

When in a low-volume/high intensity phase you have called out a 2 x start at 8 RM and use an extended drop technique. Does this mean to work up to a 8RM on 1 set then do a final set using the extended drop technique? Or, would that mean performing 2 extended drop sets at 8RM (which seems like a lot of volume)?


I should have mentioned this would in regards to your “pre-contest training” you wrote. A sample day would be:
A. Leg Press (close stance): 2x start at 8RM (extended drop)
B. Hack Squat: 2x start at 10RM (extended drop)
C. Single-Leg Extension: 1x start at 12RM (normal+eccentrics)
D. Lying Leg Curl: 2x start at 8RM (extended drop)
E. Lying Single Leg Curl: 1x start at 12RM (normal+eccentrics)