Extend Cycle and Add HGH or PCT and Start New Cycle?

Hi guys am new here and am wondring about pausing my cycle, actully i was for 8 weeks of cycle test cyponate 250 , trenmix 300 , deca 250, EQ 250
and didnt see good result as i expected i gain around 4kg.

my problem now can i extand the course and add HGH as some ppl adviced me or should i start pct and start new cycle.

i really dont know any about cycles my trainer adviced me to get this .

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you didn’t see good results with this combination and amount of steroids your training and diet is horrible.

There is nothing you can add that will get you the results you want if you haven’t gotten them off the shit you already used.

I’m gonna give you the best advice you will hear.
Fire this trainer immediately. Don’t listen to anything else he says. He doesn’t care about you are your health. What he has suggested is dangerous and will end badly. You should probably even take some time and write a bad yelp review before he hurts anyone else with his reckless and dangerous advice.


@zeek1414 nailed it. Your trainer (and I assume dealer as well) has absolutely hurt you and needs to be fired. Nothing he has you doing makes sense and if you’re not seeing immediate differences on that ridiculous combination of drugs then you were not at all ready for steroids.

Normally I would yell at you for putting your life in the hands of someone else, but I kind of get it. You’re probably a good and trusting guy and you assumed that someone whose job is to help you would actually try to help you. He hasn’t. So lesson learned. Now be on charge of your own destiny and stick around here and learn everything you can. Arm yourself with the right information so you can be successful and do so as safely as possible.

Time to end the cycle, get your pct going, and address diet, training, and future cycles in the order in which they need addressed.