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Express your opinion before it's too late!

If you haven’t read it yet, read it now. The End of Dietary Supplements

If you haven’t sent any letters yet, send them now. Letter to Congress

E-mail them, print them out, write your own, start a petition, as long as you’re doing something. This is important!

Everyone, please respond to this thread and tell us what you’re doing to help. I’ve already sent the form letter and I plan to write my own and get as many people as possible to sign it. Any of you regulars (especially those of you who use Mag-10!) who don’t respond to this thread, expect to be PM’d about it!

That’s not a bad letter at all. Nice work!

In my particular case, I live outside the US and thus have no representative to contact. Alas. Any suggestions for a sort of “open letter to Congress” type of thing? I’ll be happy to write one if someone has an idea where to send it…

Seriously folks, we need to get on this. All my letters are out and I want to hear from everyone who has sent letters so we can keep this thread near the top.

Don’t let the government take away our right to improve our bodies.

Sent mine 5 times in the last 6 months but I will send them again. Char, do you have a state of legal residence before you left? When I was in the military (I know that doesn’t apply to you but) I was stationed in GE but Ohio was always my state of legal residence.

Sent mine 3 days ago.


Just bumping this up to show my support for the cause.

I sent one via a link a Gotfina about a month ago.

Nonetheless, I’ll hit up your link too Pat.

I support thee!

I’ll bump, even if I can’t vote…

I sent my letters today!

Sent today.

In the mail!
In faith,

To the top.

My letters are in the mailbox.

Sent mine today. Thanks for the legwork.

I fax the form letters to my rep once a week. I plan to put a petition in my gym to have other members sign and mail that as well.