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Express Scrolling of Threads

Not sure what happened here, as it was a feature that I once had on my phone but now has disappeared…

Using a samsung s10+ on chrome

Once apon a time many many moons ago, I was up to date on every post on T-nation

Cue a few months of loosely following followed by a period of 3 months of not following, many new threads have been posted, but many that I have both started reading and following (other of my lil t nation friends logs) have grown by over a thousand (looking at you @MarkKO and @duketheslaya )

Down the bottom of my screen, there used to be a little scroll button I could press, to express move through the posts and get up to date with the most recent post.

Is this an issue with my phone, or has this function been removed?

I couldnt find anything in the settings to bring it back and was wondering if this could be a fault on my end or a changing design flaw.

Thanks :+1:

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It’s still there, but I noticed that it doesn’t show up occasionally on my phone. Try reloading the page or going out and in of the log.

I have this little X however I feel like its a hidden feature that should be a scroll function but is now invisible

Huh. I don’t see the X.

It’s covered by an ad, even if you can’t see it. Close the ad and bingo, it’s there.

Odd, I have no ads and I cant see it
Clicked on the (X) and the function still isnt there

A little find that will help for the interim

If I go into a sub category and click on the activity number on a thread, itll bring me to the latest post in the thread

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I have to press the x to get rid of the invisible ad sometimes before I can do it. Do you not have the box that says post 7/456 etc.?

Like this?

I used to have that exact thing, thats what ive referenced to disappearing!

The quick scroll appearss when I rotate my phone to horizontal
Any tech advice on how to get this on portrait mode?

Tilt your head sideways?

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