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Exposed to Small Amounts of Androgel?

I started going to a different gym and the idea hit me. What if someone used angrogel on their hands and arms before going to the gym and I come along and grab a weight they used without gloves, or use the preacher curl rest thing and touch it with my arms. Would I be shutdown and lose test since I touched it? Very concerned and I never thought of this…

Yeah one androgel exposure and you could be shut down for months if not for life. Serious business. That’s why I always wear a full body condom when I go to the gym.


well, most guys put it on their shoulders, so accidental exposure should be limited.

i suppose there’s a possibility of getting some from a bench or something, but i doubt the dose would be high enough to cause any real issue.

That stuff takes a week or two to notice, they do say 100 dollars have cocaine on them , but ive yet to get a buzz from a bill. Think about how many people jerk off or shit before workout, and don’t wash hands. Dont worry about it after 5 minutes it evaporates.

read the PCT thread, should tell you everything you need to know.

In seriousness ask around to see who is using the androgel and always use their equipment right after, free juice.

Ok really serious now, you watched the house episode about the dude using androgel making his children hit puberty at 4 and 7 or what not and gave his girlfriend a mustache?

Alright you pricks i used to build a mosquito camp next to my neighbors to steal his tren and winny injections.


how did you harvest the roids? Eat the mosquitos whole or…?