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Explosive Upper Body Training?


Hi! I training soccer and now i want to strengthen my upper body,waist and abdomen.I think this:
Training A:
1.Bench press 5/3/1
2.one arm dumbbell row 5x5
3.pull ups and dips (superseries) 10x5 for maximum shortly time (EDT)
4.waist and abdomen-2 exercises

Training B:
1.Millitary press 5/3/1
2.weight pull ups (+20kg) 4x5/4x6/4x7
3.pull ups and dips (superseries) 10x5 for maximum shortly time (EDT)
4.waist and abdomen-2 exercises

3 trainings in the fitness per week.

exercises for waist and abdomen-renegade row,knees to elbows,full contact twist,L-sit,Reverse crunches,dumbbell side bend,evil wheel,planks
After this,I think to training for explosive power in upper body,what do you think and do you have any recommendations ?

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you could do push press or speed bench press from pins


OK,but i think to training for strength (5/3/1,weight pull ups,one dumbbell row,waist and abdomen) for 3-4 months and after this i will training for explosive power.What do you think for strength months ?
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If you are training soccer why do you need so much upper body strength? Why do you need upper body explosive power- assuming that you can train it.


You have ABSOLUTELY no leg workouts?
Do you think working out your legs will make you slower and "less agile"? If so then you have alot of reserch to do son. Rather have an upper and lower day. Do some squats variations like goblet squats, zercher, front, back and even some deadlifts if you can correctly do it without lower back pain.
This advice = more explosive performance in soccer as you need to learn to make your lower body more explosive to be faster and quicker on the field.


Yes,legs are very important for soccer,but I training legs only two months in summer and two months in winter,becouse now we have 6 trainings per week.In pre-season I want to train my upper body,waist and abdomen only.Waht do you think for my ''program'' ?
Excuse me for bad english.


Yea dude, you CANNOT get away with that. If you want to enhance your upperbody strength and power then you NEED to workout your legs AT LEAST 50% of the time. You will see greater upperbody strength gains than if you do NO leg work. Not only are you giving your CNS more recovery time, the hormonal response will actually promote more gains throughout your entire system than if you neglect half of the picture. You should know better as a soccer player. Plus, squats (especially front squats) and deadlifts will do more to make your core functionally strong than any direct ab exercise you are doing.


Okay I will do one times per week squat and one times per week deadlift.I will do squat in training A,and deadlift in training B,what do you think ?


Have you tried researching starting strength maybe dude?
Its a good program for overall strength, top and lower, not complicated at all. dead simple. but the results are fantastic!


why not just do 5/3/1? Your workouts are fine, but you should alternate them with the 5/3/1 workouts for 2 leg days week.


If I understand correctly, you have soccer games/practice six days a week, and you feel that if you were to add squats and any type of lowerbody training that it would hurt your performance in soccer and you might overtrain?

I think you should definitely squat atleast once a week during the soccer season. I play soccer too, and during last season i squated 5x5 once a week, and it strongly helped my performance in games and at practice. ALso if i were you, I'd add deadlifts and/or power cleans and some type of lower body explosive movement like box jumps.


Yes,I have six soccer games/practice per week.
OK,i will add in my program deadlift once a week and squat once a week during the season,but in what scheme?
Yesterday my deadlift was:
4@60kg 4@70kg 4@80kg 4@90kg 5@100kg (my maximum is 115kg)
Excuse me,but i cant speak english very well..


Helps with a lot of things, like outmuscling during a tackle, for sprint form, or for a more direct application throw-ins. A lot of amateur footballers don't do strength training, and it really shows when they get outplayed by people who do.


Yeah Messi is jacked.


That's a good start. Keep volume low, especially as your first start. Work up to a max set of 5 reps. If you can do that, without much soreness and its not effecting your soccer at all, add another set.

With your benching, you might wanna try texas method. I dont think the volume will hurt your performance in soccer much, since you'll only be squating and deadlift 1x a week.


camael..... i trained for a while with a pro footballer who was out of contract - he did a lot of core/ab work: one of his favourites were landmines & variations on landmines like the press & catch.