Explosive Training

[quote]Anti-Vortex wrote:
I am a 16 martial arts who is looking to add strength training to my program. I am a basic beginner and am looking at adding cluster 5x5 to my routine.

The Days I train are:

Mondays: Kickboxing
Tuesdays: Judo
Friday: Kickboxing

The days i have access to a gym are Mondays thru Thursdays for a 30 Minute period. [/quote]
Yeah, um, I don’t really see a particular question here. I’ve heard of 5x5 programs, but I’m not sure what “cluster 5x5” is.

If you’re looking for a training program, I suggest starting with my usual bodyweight workout for at least a few weeks:

After that, almost any free weight plan will be fine, but it will be hard fitting something into your available times (only 30 minutes, Mon to Thurs). I guess you’re going to be using the gym at school during the day?