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Explosive Training

Im 15, trying to increase my bench. A buddy of mine has a trainer and does fancy stuff with bands and explosive training. Should I be doing explosive techniques or just trying to get my bench up. Its only 190.

you don’t need to worry about bands or chains at your age ad with those weights. If you are interested in moving weigh more explosively, you can play around with speed work - use only about 50-70% of your max, and move the weigh very fast. A good set/rep scheme to start is 10 sets of 3, with about 45 seconds rest between sets.

There is a ton of information out there about speed work, so do some research on westside barbell and Louie simmons - but remember, although you can get a lot of good information from these sources, they will be talking about ELITE lifters, so don’t get all caught up in the bands/chains stuff. You can make a ton of progress with just straight weight.

Personally, speed work never helped my bench out much. I’m not a great lifter, and maybe once I’m significantly stronger I will re-try speed work and find it REALLY helps. But for now, I find that higher rep work helps me the most - either doing heavier weight for lots of reps (5/3/1 style), OR doing 10 sets of 3, 2 or 1 reps with much heavier loads (90% or so) than I would use for speed work. So maybe play around with those ideas as well.

Explosive pushups before upper body work helped me. About 15 reps. I do 6x3. Speed benching is good as well, but I don’t do it. 10x3x50% would be a good place to start, and I’d say do some searching through the first Westside Thread for more information.

Wouldn’t worry about bands and shit right now, unless you want to run Westside.