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Explosive Squat Mishap


I like to train in a ballistic fashion. I use slow concentrics, followed by explosive eccentrics. Well, today I was squatting down really deep and really slow, then blasting out of the hole with as much force as possible. On some reps the bar would bounce off my neck, then bounce back down. I had 315 on there when I bounced it too hard and it ended up bouncing down my back with my hands still gripping the bar. It made a thunderous crash and scared the crap out of everyone in the gym. Needless to say I hyper-extended a lot of ligaments and I'm lucky I didn't dislocate my shoulder. Right now I'm icing near the bottom of my deltoid where it's most sore.


Dude, sorry about your injury.

I think you have your nomenclature mixed up: I believe you mean " explosive concentrics " and "slow eccentrics"


sounds like you might have been working out too light if the weight is FLYING OFF YOUR BODY


If 315 is coming off your back when squatting, definetly raise the weight


Impressive back, man. And yeah, 315 was bouncing off your back? Time to raise the weight. :slight_smile:


Great explosive strength. Hope the shoulder injury is just short term and minor.
Maybee it's time for some bands? Are they allowed at the gym you lift at?


You mean some gyms actually don't allow bands? Why wouldn't they?


isn't it a slow eccentric and an explosive concentric?


Yeah, I'm sorry I meant slow eccentric/fast concentric.


Hey man,
Great job on moving the weight real fast (315 is probily about 60-70%, maybe 75% of your max by the sounds of your post), anyways I used to have this problem when I did DE box squats, and I read a post on elitefts.com in which Dave Tate said that this is a form issue (staying tight, head back, chest out) and the bar shouldn't leave your body. Maybe some of the big squatters on this board can help you out more.
Good luck