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Explosive push-ups/Bench routine

I want to use explosive push-ups in my next strength routine, as described in “Push Up Your Explosive Strength.” In the Jumping Box Squat article, it says you should do half of your sets narrow, and half wide. Should I do this with the explosive push-ups? Also, has anyone ever tried Ed Coan’s bench routine? 1) What did you do for back?; 2) it seems like shoulders might be overworked. (If I decide to try it, I will be doing the 100 rep program with push-ups to increase recovery.)

As for the Explosive Push-ups, perform the majority of your sets with the hand position you are weakest at. In other words, if your triceps need some extra help, perform all your sets with a narrower than shoulder-width grip. If you want to hit your pecs, use a hand position that is shoulder width or wider. If you are unsure, use a combination of both.
The 100 Rep Program will greatly increase your recovery with the program so give it a try. Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck!