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Explosive Push-Ups as Alternatives to Throws?

hello everyone, unfortunately I don’t have the possibility to throw the medicine ball, I was wondering if I can replace it with some explosive push ups. What do you think? Also can I substitute sprints for jumps some times?

I think plyo pushups would be a reasonable explosive move, done in sets of 3-5. Sprints maybe not because they are much more taxing and the prescribed explosive jumps / throws should not leave you winded.

Check out CTs neuro charge workouts where you do a few explosive moves. These may give you some ideas.

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I stuffed a bag with random clothes and blankets and throw it at the wall / at my wife / at the sky. It’s about 5kg / 11lb. Not as good as an actual medicine ball, but way cooler than plyo push ups.

You could also just jump instead of throwing. Throws and jumps are full body movements.

The whole point of the jumps, throws, hill sprints, prowler, etc. is that Jim wants us to think “athletic and awesome” or “all around strength”, and not just “unfit blob that can walk up to a monolift” (hopefully with no stairs along the way). His big love was/is football, and those guys are strong in all areas. Few things are more awesome than someone who can squat massive weight, sprint crazy fast, jump high, play with their kids all day without breaking a sweat, etc. You paint your own picture of awesome, and ask yourself if plyo pushups serve that goal. To me, plyo/explosive pushups just seem like something people mess around with when they have no goals/vision. Or something PTs prescribe their clients to look smart/scientific.


Depends on the distance. Three to six 5-10m sprints will be fine, but any more is likely unnecessary

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Sprints are only done if you are conditioned to do them; I have no idea if you are.

Jumps (especially box jumps because of their “beginner level”) are a better option than “explosive push-ups”.

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