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Explosive Power


what are some exercises for building power? I know doing box jumps are great, or just any kind of jumping for that matter. I have been doing kettle ball swings recently. Apart from olympic lifts which require a lot of technique, what else would you recommend?


deadlift? squat? standing military press?


Cool. So you are saying to lift these explosively with lighter weights?


What kind of power are you looking for? Is this for a particular sport?


Yes. For boxing. My boxing coach says during running, I should just stop and jump as high as I can 3 times and then continue running and I should do this couple times during each run. But I was hoping to be a little more structured than just jumping as high as I can. I have been doing it for a while but now I wanted to take it to the next level.


sure why not? although i'd substitue push press for standing military press.

and weighted dips!


I suggest looking up Ross Enamait. What you're looking for are explosive drills, plyometric shit. While things like Holy said are good, they're not good to do explosively- explosive deadlifts equal an N shaped spine. You don't want that.

Buy a medicine ball, maybe a 12 lber. Do slams, throws, tosses, etc. with it. These are drills that you don't have to slow yourself down at the end for- the goal is the highest power production you can get at the end. Enamait has many good books on this that will give you the specifics.


while fighting irish is right, you can't go wrong from doing what i suggested.

i haven't met a guy that woke up going 'oh fuck, i'm TOO strong now'


You need a good strength base before you do plyometrics, i think the rule of thumb is being able to squat 1.5x your bodyweight.

The power part of my sprint training includes medicine ball throws, like overhead throws. In the gym it's push press (4x5) and alternate split jumps (3x10) and it's about speed of movement not how much weight you can load on the bar and still do a push press.

I used to warm up with very low level plyometrics called pogo jumps (jump and dorsiflex your feet and land flat footed), 2 x 30 seconds with as brief a contact as possible on the ground, only getting a few inches off the ground, then 2 x 20 reps of the highest you can go without bending your knees too much (don't land with locked knees though!) and make sure you use your arm swing to generate more height.


Your coach wants you to have knee problems?


Good post.....ball slams,sledghammer to tires...sleds...are good. But believe it or not...none of those have yielded the results of old-fashioned bag work. At least for me...but the OP should keep this in mind as well.

Fluid,I'm assuming you're looking for more power through already established boxing technique.


True, but if you're training for fighting, plyometric training and skillwork takes precedence. Lifting heavy weights doesn't make you more explosive.


The more I thought about this the more retarded it sounded. To be honest, I don't give a fuck who said this, they're wrong.

Plyometrics are basic human functions. Do you need to squat 1.5x bodyweight to jump as high as you can to grab a tree branch? No. Do you have to bench a certain amount of weight before you can push yourself up as fast as possible if you fell and someone is chasing you? No. Do you have to have to be really strong if you're throwing cinder blocks onto a pallet? No. What's the difference then?


i beg to differ on that one.

while i agree skillwork definatly takes precedence, i feel a lot of guys first getting into fighting conentrate solely on technique and don't spend any time trying to improve their base levels of strength.


Ok...exactly what application of explosive power are we talking about?? The OP said its for boxing.....so I am assuming that he is talking about explosive power for punching....???? Help me out here.


box jumps help with punching power?


Maybe for grappling, where you can outmuscle someone.

But in boxing, absolutely not. 90 percent of the greatest fighters who ever lived never touched a weight. It's just not necessary.

A good addition? Yes. But far from a vital component.

Spending too much time in the weightroom is a big mistake for a boxer.


IMO so would not spending any be.


I don't know...maybe indirectly. Box jumps would definitely be of great benefit for grappling....and kicking power. If any plyometrics might be of use for punching power,it would be stuff like clapping push-ups,heavy medicine ball throws,etc.

I'll reiterate my stance that nothing beats drilling power shots(with technique) on a heavy bag for increasing punching power.


I'm not saying they shouldn't. Maybe a day or two a week. But it's last on the list of importance.