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Explosive or Controlled Reps for Size?


I have read many articles on this site, saying that explosive lifting is the very best for stimulating muscle growth. Then I hear many others saying that you have to do the reps slower and really feel the muscle working.

From a personal experience, I don't seem to benefit much from doing the reps explosively. But, the ego tends to take over and you want to do as much weight as possible and lifting explosively allows you to do more weight.

But is that really better for muscle growth. Just curious to what others think on this.

Please, do not mention "post a new pic" cause that really has nothing to do with this thread. A recent pic is not necessary to have a converstaion about which is better.


I get the best pump and I feel I am working better for hypertrophy when I get a 2-3 sec negative, and then explode really fast, while I am keeping tension at the muscle, in the 8-12 rep range.


Negetive controled but not slow, concentric is explosive

calves concentric and eccentric are both slow

sometimes i will make the negative slower but the concentric except for calves is explosive


Isn't this already being discussed?
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Yes, please.


Explosive, but controlled. Never sloppy, never throwing or not feeling the muscle working. For some reason people always think it's either this or that, but can never be both.




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Westside says do both.


Westside says post a pic.



westside is a 100% pure powerlifting group. They have nothing to do with bodybuilding. their main goal is strength not muscle growth.



roguevampire is fat , thats why he's scared of taking a new pic.


I lift explosively, but that's mostly a mind-set. The weight is usually such that it won't go up fast - even though I "exploded" it up.