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Explosive Lifts


I need some ideas on some explosive exercises. I'm a college football player so I have a pretty good knowledge in the weight room. Hang cleans, snatches, and plain plyos dont always cut it. Need some ideas please.


In the words of louie simmons"anything can be explosive just make it so"


Dynamic effort bench, dynamic effort squat, dynamic effort deadlift, med ball slams, med ball throws, box jumps, depth jumps, plyo pushups, etc.


Look into Joe DeFranco's methods.


Jumps, sprints, and throws. If you need anything else than that you probably arent doing them hard enough. Olympic lifts don't correlate to explosion on the field... if they did , Shane Hammon would probably be playing for the Packers right now.


Also, with the full olympic lifts you'd have to spend way too long mastering technique it would definately not be economical, but I do like some of the progressions to the full lifts as simpler ways of practising explosiveness, such as the snatch balance: start with bar on back of shoulders, then without a dip of the knees, drop straight down into a deep overhead squat position while "punching" the arms up, so if done correctly, the bar hardly moves, then stand up. Start with a very light weight (i.e. just the bar) and build up VERY slowly, remember it is about getting explosive, not getting lifts you can brag about


thats a drop snatch. Just saying.


That's what I said the first time the guy who trains me in the o-lifts called it a snatch balance (he's an iranian guy who has competed in o-lifting), and he slapped me on the head and said something about forgetting what i think i know, trusting him, etc.


Joe Defranco DVD Power is great. Lots of exercises. Well worth the cash.


heavy jump squats


Thanks I'll take all of that into consideration and add some of that in my regimen. Ill also check out Joe Defranco and see what kind of good stuff he has.


What about these exercises "does not cut it". I know you got some responses, but without saying why you feel these lifts are not getting it done for you, these are just semi generic answers. What are you looking for that these are not giving you?


Everything posted already
And just for your peace of mind
Stretch your hip flexors
A lot